logo KIDSinfo is a project of the Swiss Association of Woman Engineers (SVIN), with the support of the commission "woman and SIA" of the Swiss Association of engineers and architects.
Within the scope of KIDSinfo, women in technical professions visit school classes in the 4th, 5th and 6th year of school. At this age, children are still you enough to build an equilibrated image of professions and gender, but old enough to think about their future.

The goal is to give children, both boys and girls, a playful introduction to technology; in particular, girls should discover that technical professions could be a good choice for them.

The KIDSinfo project has existed in the Swiss-German speaking part of Switzerland since 2002; it has been launched in Romandie, the French speaking part of Switzerland, in the end of 2009. We are always looking for:

- Women in technical professions as well as female students in technical areas who are willing to actively participate in KIDSinfo;
see advertisement in French or German.

- Sponsors: both private persons and companies;
see advertisement in French.

- School teachers who wish to invite KIDSinfo;
see flyer in French or German.

For further information visit the KIDSinfo website in French and German.

 pictures of the EPFL Robotics Festival 2009.

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